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Perksy’s COVID-19 Weekly Consumer Pulse helps brands understand, track, and navigate the new consumer normal, getting the answers your business needs – all in realtime.


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Customer needs are changing.

React to them in real time.

COVID-19 has had and will continue to have a significant impact on consumer behavior, psychology, and buying patterns. Our packaged tracker will give you a weekly pulse on your consumers in this new reality and help you make decisions for your business in real time.

Brands who evolve with their consumers during the time of COVID-19 will have an advantage over competitors as the situation unfolds. Our pulse tracker will give you the power to make crucial decisions on a weekly basis, grounded in real, contextual consumer insights.

  • 12 WEEKS
  • 100 PER WEEK (1200 TOTAL)


Get the insights you need to understand how consumer psychology, behaviors, and purchase decisions are evolving at this time.


Track and measure evolving consumer patterns to understand the impact on your brand in both the short and long term.


Get results in real time and analyze the data in our platform. Create segments, explore audience breakdowns, export data, generate reports.


Leverage the data to make critical decisions for your business and give you the answers you need to navigate these times.

Consumers are at home.

Reach them while they’re engaged.

Perksy’s app reaches consumers where they’re already spending their time: on mobile.

Get insights from our first-party, nationally representative sample of everyday consumers while they’re at home.

With response rates above 80%, Perksy gives you unprecedented access to consumers, bringing high-quality research at unparalleled speed.

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“Perksy’s COVID-19 tracker is helping us monitor our brand situation and giving us critical insights into what our audience is thinking and doing during these unprecedented times. The speed is truly impressive and what we need right now.”


Options for all your needs

Perksy has a variety of product offerings to serve your needs during this time. These options will help you rapidly detect and respond to market realities to help manage your business and optimize performance.

Weekly Pulse

Get a continuous understanding of how the ongoing situation is affecting your consumers and their decision-making on a weekly basis. Track what they are buying, how they are feeling, learn about their spending behaviors, and what’s most important to them right now.

Brand and Ad Tracker

Continuous or pre vs. post advertising tracking to monitor brand health and the impact of marketing on brand performance. Track funnel metrics such as awareness, usage, consideration, and brand perceptions in a competitive context.

Qualitative Diary

Want to go deeper? Get qualitative video, photo, and written diary submissions to understand the daily behaviors and attitudes of your consumer base. Our built-in emotional analysis tool provides deeper insight into how your audience is feeling.

Video Focus Groups

No in-person? No problem. Get face time with your consumers while they’re at home – even the hardest-to-reach audiences like Millennials and Gen-Z. We never use third-party sample so you’ll be talking to a representative, high-quality audience of your target consumers.

Perksy’s COVID-19 Weekly Consumer Pulse

Take action today and start making the right decisions for your business tomorrow.

To learn more about the COVID-19 Weekly Consumer Pulse Tracker, schedule some time to speak with our sales team.